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Lithography, etching and dry point combinations




Floor Lamp & Multi-Purpose Hanger 






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Phiri was born in Mozambique. Since childhood he always loved drawing, painting and making ceramic objects. His artistic career began at Maputo School of Fine Art. After graduating with honors, Phiri went on illustrate children’s books with professor and artist Zirald Pinto.

His ideas, conveyed through figurative pictures and prints, depict eccentricity and a subversive take on life. His paintings portray movement and action - they celebrate being alive - whilst his bright colours are those of his people as they look forward to the future.

Phiri's prints often exude sexual suggestion through angular images of black and white dancing jezebels in a domestic setting. Phiri's work is exciting and different. 

Currently Phiri is developing a very distinctive style using Printmaking Techniques such as: Collage Blocks, Linocut, Lithography, Dry point, Monoprint, Woodcut, Intaglio printing, and Etching and Photograpy.

Exhibition History



  JAN - 2016  Islands Cafe / Deli, London - UK
  JULY - 2015  EXPO 2015, Comuni Di Pianezza, Torino - Italy
  JUNE - 2015  Sociedade National De Bels Artes, Lisbon -  Portugal
  JUNE - 2014  Crouch  End Festival, London - UK
  APRIL - 2013  Núcleo de Arte, Maputo - Mozambique
  JUNE - 2012  2... Sixteen Caribbean Restaurant, London - UK
  JULY - 2011  Good For Food Cafe, London - UK
  AUG - 2010  Cafe Spencer, London - UK
  MAY - 2009  Gallery Fore, London - UK
  SEPT - 2004  African Artists, Amsterdam - The Netherlands
  JUNE - 2002  Casa Gallery, London - UK
  JULY - 2001    Ryan's bar, London - UK
  AUG - 1999   St. John's College, University of Oxford - UK
  JULY - 1999  Casa da Cultura, Maputo - Mozambique
  June - 1999  Africa Center, London - UK
  June - 1997  Cape Town, South Africa
  JUNE - 1996  Na Ne Baah Gallery, Maputo - Mozambique
  JUNE - 1996  World Bank Art, Maputo - Mozambique
  APRIL - 1996  Tchova Xita Duma, Maputo - Mozambique
  JULY - 1994  Various Collectives, Europe
  OCT - 1983  Galería de Arte, Maputo - Mozambique